AgeUp now available for self-purchase


When we launched AgeUp in late 2019, it was the first product that enabled adult children to pay small monthly premiums and receive guaranteed income to help support their parents or other loved ones in late retirement. Research shows a majority of millennials and Gen Xers expect to financially support their parents or in-laws in advanced age, but few are actively saving for it. We built AgeUp for the planners who want to prepare for the best-case scenario.

But we also know there are savvy baby boomers – like you! – who are planning for their own financial future. In our research, nearly 30% of boomers said they expect to live into their 90s or beyond. (There’s good reason for that optimism, since one in three 65-year-olds will live to 90.) Many of you might be looking for a solution that helps bridge the gap between your current retirement savings and your anticipated longevity. That’s why we’re proud to share that, starting today, people between the ages of 50-75 can purchase AgeUp for themselves.

Our “buy for me” product provides the same features and benefits as our “buy for a loved one” offering, including…

  • Monthly premiums as low as $25
  • The ability to pause or adjust your monthly premiums at any time
  • The option to return your premium payments to a beneficiary if you don’t live to your target payout age
  • Our Cash Refund Guarantee, which guarantees you’ll receive at least what you put in once you reach the target payout age

You can read all about how AgeUp works, check out our comparison chart, and browse our frequently asked questions here.

Best of all, the entire estimate and purchase process can be completed in minutes from the comfort of home. You’ve already mastered Zoom calls with the grandkids, online grocery deliveries, and virtual banking. We promise that getting your estimate and signing up for AgeUp is just as easy. But if you need any help, we’re available through chat or phone to answer any questions.

We’re all facing uncertain times right now. Perhaps you’re isolated from loved ones, feeling an unexpected financial strain, or worried whether or not your retirement savings will rebound. It’s our hope that AgeUp will provide some small comfort and peace of mind as we prepare for a brighter future.

Be ready for the best-case scenario

Get guaranteed late retirement income for you or a loved one, with no market risk and premiums starting at just $25 a month.

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